Who I am.

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with a professional background in project management and marketing. .

My propensity to solve issues and see the world from a number of different vantage points started long before I entered the world of code and has now allowed me to finally become a full stack web developer proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular amongst other languages.
Natural curiosity, patience, critical thinking, and an ability to stay focused have laid out a foundation for my unique career path. Thanks to my prior experience, I’ve developed a good eye for UI and UX.
I enjoy finding creative solutions for complex problems and strongly believe that the devil is in the details

My Development Process

1 Idea

It all starts with an idea... What is this application about? Who is it for? What's unique about it?

2 Plan

Information gathering and understanding of the purpose, goals, target audience, and content. Planning.

3 Design

Defining the look and feel of the application, as well as its flow and functionality. Wireframing.

4 Execute

Development, testing, and deployment.

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